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02 September, 2014

Is it Time Already ?

Well, Labor Day is over which only means one thing – September is upon us, and with that We officially have to bid Summer Bye  .. Who doesn't love summer  but this is it .. Yep ! Ladies and Gentleman  Lets take a moment .. I know I am quite Dramatic but well don't You love  Summer haze ?  And and and the Watermelons ? What about the Beaches ?  Summer tan ? Flowers?  Summer did put up a grand show but its time for the Fall , and I guess I am ready for it..
Goodbye to the Crop tops and Hello Jackets <3 Adios flip-flops to Hey Hi! How you been Warm fuzzy socks ? Au Revoir Flower headbands to Bonjour Soft and warm Scarfs <3 Arrivederci ( Doing the Italian accent)  Grilled and BBq  foods and Ciao Warm steamy soups .... 

Do You guys  believe in Less is more ? I do  when it comes to basic wears . I have followed Mary Kate Olsen for the longest time and how fab they carry off their Basic wears . So inspired by these Lovelies I just did this random basic wear looks,  Hope Yall like it :) ..  So  Here's to the Summer.  Also  I would love to see you lovelies  Summer pictures So yeah ! Lets share and tag pictures in Instagram .. To find me - Ragni Gongo .
Good day Yall <3 <3 

With Lotsa Love